One Small Life

The little babe was a gift too big to wrap. That one small life was all life. A King, born at the back of the Pub and there was the rub. No one  expected the helpless, the human, the ordinary.   Those in the know, with robes stretching back to Moses, The priests with pedigree, […]

The Meaning of Christmas

Though we are in the Christmas season when we celebrate the joy of Jesus’ birth, we are in shock following two horrific events. In the Philippines, Typhoon Pablo killed over 1000 people with 900 more still missing and 80,000 left homeless. In Newtown, Connecticut, 20 children and six teachers and administrators were brutally murdered by […]

Is Mary “the mother of God”?

There are many mysteries to life and Christianity.  How on earth does God become one with us?  The story of Christmas provides the answer.  A controversial question that goes along with Christmas, is the role of Mary.  Is she “the mother of God?”, or simply and only, “the mother of Christ” ? We invite you […]