New Sermons added


Thanks to our regular followers for your patience.  I have finally uploaded more sermons to our site.

Here is a list.  You can find them under Sermons.

We hope you find them helpful and encouraging.


ID Title Date   Series
100 Who Shall Free Me from Sin? 09 Apr 17   Lent
99 Following Jesus 05 Feb 17   Mission
98 The Source of our Beliefs 22 Jan 17   The Bible
97 Out of Egypt I Called My Son 08 Jan 17   Christmas
96 Namibia Church Visit, September 2016 13 Nov 16   Mission
87 God’s Foolishness 31 Jul 16   Misc.
95 Leadership Challenges in the African Church 24 Jul 16   Mission
94 Life in Perspective 10 Jul 16   Life with God
84 Freeing the Oppressed 26 Jun 16   Misc.
93 Until at Last the Spirit is Poured Out 15 May 16   Pentecost
92 Living Stones 08 May 16   Life with God
91 Atonement in Christ’s Death and Life 17 Apr 16   Easter
90 Sinners in the Hands of a Loving God – The Wrath and Love of the Cross 20 Mar 16   Lent
89 Jesus: Rejection at Home 07 Feb 16   Lent
88 The Good News of the Incarnation 06 Dec 15   Advent
82 Saved to Serve 22 Nov 15   Life with God
86 That You May Live Pure Blameless Lives 27 Sep 15   Misc.
83 Sexual Identity Issues: Towards Graciousness and Inclusion 23 Aug 15   Social Issues
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Pentecost Service – June 4, 2017

We are gathering in Campbell Town to celebrate Pentecost again this year.  We hope you can join us in worship and fellowship on this special day.

Time: 11am, Sunday May 15th, 2016

Lunch: We will be having lunch in the meeting room.  Please pre-order your meal if possible.

Campbell Town Hotel

Location: Meeting Room, upstairs, Campbell Town Hotel, 117 Midland Highway, Campbell Town.

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