Guest Speaker: Michael Feazell

You are invited to come and hear our denominational Vice-President, Dr. Michael Feazell at a special 11am service, on Sunday October 23rd at our regular venue in Mornington.   

Mike is also the host of the regular You’re Included video program that features discussions with Trinitarian theologians from North America and Europe.

He is the Executive Editor of Christian Odyssey magazine.

He is also the author of a book on the dramatic changes in the Worldwide Church of God in the 1990’s, titled The Liberation of the Worldwide Church of God.


You can find an interview with Mike at;

A light lunch will be served after the meeting.

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  1. I’d love to watch this with my wife and share it on my forum, is it available on video? 🙂

      • phil on November 2, 2011 at 11:03 AM
      • Reply

      Hi Alex;

      Yes. I’ve just completed a DVD of Mike’s message, and it is available to anyone who would like a copy. We plan to make it available online at our national site in the next couple of weeks as well. I am also hoping to put segments of the message on YouTube or Vimeo.


      1. Thanks Phil, that’s brilliant! Please post the links on my forum when it’s online & when you put parts on YouTube, as I reckon others will be interested too.

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