The Transforming Jesus -- Who is Jesus? Part IV (Romans 5:12-6:4)

Phillip HopwoodPhillip Hopwood, December 1, 2013
Part of the Who is Jesus? series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Does Jesus accept me as I am? If so is he content to leave me that way? This is the final part of our series on how we picture Jesus. We look at one of the most helpful views of Jesus, "The Transforming Jesus" and how he seeks to set things right in life, to help us be the best "us" we can be by and giving us God's peace and love forever.

Tags: , change, creating God in our own image, divine nature, dogma, God, God is, God is love, God's image, God's love, legalism, love, nature of God, new life, overcoming, peace, Pope Benedict, redemption, relationship with God, righteous, righteousness, set to rights, setting things right, shalom, spiritual transformation, transforming God, trinitarian theology, view of God, who is God?

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