What is Truth? - Part 2 Knowing the Truth (John 14:6-10)

Phillip HopwoodPhillip Hopwood, July 20, 2014
Part of the Truth series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

If God is the true and ultimate reality, how can we know him? We are limited to the material realm, and don't have the ability to discover or know God of ourselves as God is beyond our material universe. He created all things, but is not part of it. But in Jesus Christ, God stepped into his own creation to reveal himself. In this message we also look at the role of the Bible as the word of God. Is the Bible truth on its own? What is its role in revealing truth?

Tags: Father Son and Spirit, God is love, God with us, how to study the Bible, I am the truth, incarnational truth, inspiration of Scripture, interpreting the Scriptures, Jesus Christ, John 14:6-10, kingdom of God, legalism, life of God, manual for life, reality, Revelation, Scripture, trinity, truth, what is truth, who is truth, written Word of God

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