Give Me One Good Reason I Ought to Go to Church

“Why do I need to belong to a church, anyway? Why shouldn’t I just believe in Jesus and try to live a good life? Church can be a real pain, you know.”

Yes, church can be a real pain. In fact, all human relationships can be. Jesus’ command that we “love one another” (John 13:34-35) would not be much of a command if there were no good reasons not to love another. When we love one another in spite of how unlovable we are at times, we are loving others the way Jesus loves us. He loves us even though we are sinners, that is, even though we betray his love.

We tend to expect the church to be close to perfect, even though, if we think about it, we realize that the church is made up of people just like ourselves—quite imperfect. The truth is, no church is “just what it ought to be.” Every church has its problems. Despite problems, however, there are good reasons to belong to a church, and we will look at some of them in this article. First, however, let’s look at a few good reasons a person might want to stop going to one church and begin looking for a new one.

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Cartoon by Paul Abramson & Brent Giles

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