Some groups claim the Holy Spirit is God’s active force that he uses to reach beyond himself, or that it is spirit essence that God is composed of.  It is so tempting to want to simplify the mystery of God and the Trinity and make bold pronouncements about his nature.  To use human logic, and concepts grounded in space and time to define the One who is outside space and time and who cannot be defined or confined by our world.

What makes a personal being personal, and not an inanimate object, or impersonal power?  Many scriptures talk about the Spirit in terms of wind,  power and energy.   Do they show the Holy Spirit to be a personal being?

If you are interested, have a look in our Sermons section for a discussion on this topic, along with a study sheet you can use to.  The sermon is entitled, “The Holy Spirit 2 – Is the Holy Spirit a Personal Being?

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