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Honest to God Each of us has wrapped ourselves in layers of emotional camouflage, to cover up our fears and feelings of inadequacy.  Watch Listen (3.3 minutes)

Knock Yourself Out Some of us make the Christian life far harder than it needs to be. We knock ourselves out instead of trusting God. Watch Listen (2.8 minutes)

Faith on Prescription Research suggests that faith is associated with longer life and a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. Watch Listen (3.2 minutes)

Never Lost It’s one of our worst nightmares. You sit down to work at your computer, but you can’t find your file. But someone else can. Watch Listen (3.4 minutes)

God Loves Atheists, Too One atheist wrote, “A substantial majority of the cleverest people who ever lived have believed in God.” Watch Listen (3.5 minutes)


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