A few years back, Grace International VP Michael Feazell visited Hobart, and spoke to our congregation.

The following videos are taken from his visit.   A DVD of the entire presentation is available upon request.

1.  Mark 5:1-18 “Jesus is Coming to Free Us” Whatever the storms or problems that hold you down, Jesus is there for us.

2. Hosea 11:3 “Hope For All”. Dr. Michael Feazell highlights how Hosea 11 is a message of hope that sums up the Christian faith.

3. Mark 4:36-37 “The End of Every Story: Deliverance”.
The end of every story, every tragedy and problem, will eventually be deliverance. Michael Feazell talks about Mark 4-5 and Jesus deliverance of the chained demon possessed man and the disciples from the storm. For more sermons go to https://hobart.gci.org.au

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